Day Care Staff

Day Care/Preschool Staff & Qualifications


The staff at Little Treasures Day Care and Preschool is committed to teaching, developing, and caring for your child. We seek to maintain a family and home learning atmosphere while nurturing and supporting your child’s cognitive, emotional, and spiritual development. Please notice the individual qualifications of our staff below.


  • 35 plus years of experience
  • State certified
  • CPR and AED certified
  • Caring and loving

Meet the staff

Brenda Leipzig



  • University of Platteville (Credential in Infant and Toddler)
  • Childcare Director - 21 years of experience
  • Childcare Administration - Gateway Technical College
  • Childcare Director - Gateway Technical College
  • Childcare Teacher - Gateway Technical College
  • Childcare Assistant - Gateway Technical College
  • Childcare Infant/Toddler - Gateway Technical College

  • Skills and Experience

  • CPR/AED Certified - Certified Instructor from Lakeland Hospital
  • Over 580 hours of Continuing Education in Childcare

  • Leah Rains



  • Bachelor of Science-elementary education
  • CPR certified
  • Skills and Experience

  • 3 years elementary teacher
  • 15 years of middle/high school teacher
  • piano teacher for beginners
  • loves children!

  • Jessica Knueppel


  • Bachelor of Arts, (Bible and Music Education)
  • CPR trained
  • Introduction to Christian Education,
  • Child growth and development
  • Classroom assessment and Oral communication
  • Reading, Math and Art methods

  • Skills and Experience

  • Piano Teacher
  • Special needs teacher and personal care worker
  • 3 year old Pre-school teacher

  • Brianna Leipzig


    Miss Kristy Barnhill

    Miss Annie Hames

    Miss Anna Knies